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Forte Business Travel Solutions provides a variety of innovative solutions to member agencies wishing to expand their presence in the business travel marketplace. These field tested strategies and products have helped agencies across North America win,  manage, support and retain profitable business travel accounts. Program components include consulting, training, online resource center, agency fulfillment and competitive technology offerings.



Forte Fulfillment provides agencies with the structure, staffing, technology, sales support and ancillary services necessary to service new or existing accounts. The agency provides sales and account management support to current and potential accounts. Forte provides all other components necessary to service the account. Forte assesses a net fee that can be increased by the agency, and returns all car and hotel commissions. A check is sent to the agency on a monthly basis.

Fulfillment includes:

  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Implementation support
  • Operational management
  • Customer service
  • Account support team
  • Custom website
  • Accounting support
  • Sales support
  • Collateral material
  •  Sales and account management support
Benefits of Forte's Fulfillment Services:
  • Acquire new business travel accounts with little to no financial risk and virtually no upfront costs
  • Acquire the staff you need to handle any size account; reduce supervision and training
  • Possess the technology and services required to compete for lucrative business travel accounts
  • Manage your current account base more effectively by shifting marginal accounts to the Forte platform
  • You pay only when a reservation is created; stop paying for unproductive agent time
  • Access business travel marketing materials, sales programs and account management support to drive customers to your agency for free
  • Compete globally using Forte’s international network of agencies

Benefit from our experience by taking advantage of some of the most sought after training opportunities in the industry.

Account management:

  • Developing a comprehensive travel policy
  • Account management 101
  • Executing year-end account reviews
  • Proposal writing and RFP creation
  • Vendor negotiations


  • Sales 101
  • Understanding pricing
  • Creating a dynamic value proposition
  • Selling to procurement
Consulting Services;

Our team has decades of real world success in business travel consulting and
agency management. Utilize our expertise to learn the latest trends in business travel management and develop strategies that will bring sustained growth and profitability to your agency.

Take Advantage of:

  • Resource library
  • Forte premium services
  • Agency business plan consulting, development and deployment
  • Agency profit and loss analysis
  • Account management program development
  • Annual client review strategies
  • Outsourced account management
  • Vendor sourcing
  • Sales program — strategy, process and development
  • RFP critique and writing
  • Global consolidation consultation
  • Agency merger and acquisition
  • Forte Premium Services
    As a member agency, you are eligible to participate in Forte’s exclusive Premium Services program. This one-of-a-kind platform gives you unlimited access to our comprehensive resource library as well as access to the industry’s top business travel consultants. Depending on the platform you choose, participation in the program provides you with up to 25 hours of consulting time annually. TRAVELSAVERS member agencies save an additional 25% on subsequent consulting hours.
  • Resource Library
    As a member agency you will have unlimited access to our comprehensive library of documents and resources to help better manage your business travel portfolio.
Our Forte consulting team helped us prepare and present a global travel bid worth 24 million in travel spend spanning 20-plus countries. Their global experience, professionalism and proactive approach were a great benefit to us.

Keith Murray, Able Travel