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With health, wellness and medical travel accounting for $106 billion* in annual travel sales, there is a terrific opportunity for travel sellers to take advantage of this lucrative travel niche. While consumers are seeking holistic/spa treatments and heading to foreign lands to save money
and shorten wait times on medical procedures, you can boost revenue
for your agency.

That’s where Well-Being Travel steps in.

Well-Being Travel is your resource for keeping you on top of health and  wellness suppliers that focus on both corporate and leisure travel. Through
its partnership with Companion Global Healthcare, Well-Being Travel serves
as an expert consulting service that seamlessly manages medical and  wellness travel needs around the world from one source. And, because of its strong relationships with hotels and airlines, Well-Being Travel can set you up as an instant expert and help put more money in your pocket…again and again.

Well-Being Travel at a glance:

  • Health, wellness and medical travel resource
  • Consulting services
  • Well-Being Travel preferred suppliers
  • Exclusive partnership with Companion
    Global Healthcare
“Well-Being Travel enables me and my team to stay abreast on the latest travel trends within the health and wellness travel niche. As a member of Well-Being Travel I now receive newsletter updates, exposure to additional preferred suppliers, and the ability to take advantage of educational opportunities.”

JOSEPHINE MASCOLO Owner, Advanced Travel Inc.