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JOURNEYS, the official consumer lifestyle magazine of TRAVELSAVERS, is a destination-based publication with rich content designed to inspire readers to plan their next getaway and contact their TRAVELSAVERS travel professional to do it. It is published three times per year and can be customized with your agency’s contact information.

Program Benefits include:

  • Fully customized with your agency’s name and contact information
  • Allows you to communicate with your clients on a regular basis
  • Exclusive Offer section creates a loyalty program and an instant call to action
  • Keeps you ahead of your competition
  • Increases your earning potential and boosts your agency’s bottom line
  • Excellent tool to extract leisure business from your corporate clientele.


I just started utilizing JOURNEYS as a marketing tool. A client received the magazine and we received the booking right away that more than paid for the cost of mailing. Everyone who reads it loves it. It’s so professionally done and I look forward to more bookings as a result.

—Diane Vieira, Owner/Manager, Beckett Travel, Swedesboro, NJ