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The Affluent Traveler luxury consumer travel magazine lets travelers experience “the good life.” The 200-plus page coffee table quality publication features lavish photos and enticing descriptions that are used to inspire readers to daydream of new and exotic adventures in the most beautiful places around the world. Each listing provides information about a high-end resort, spa, cruise ship, destination or tour, along with other relevant details including amenities, location and nearby sightseeing. Staying up-to-date with today’s latest technology, the magazine includes scannable mobile tags to allow readers access to enhanced content from select partners through their smart phones.

Where can consumers find The Affluent Traveler magazine?

  • At newsstands around the country
  • At national bookstores throughout the U.S.
  • In select airport lounges
  • In the guestrooms of all Affluent Traveler Collection preferred hotels

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